Advertising Outtake: 2007 Buick Lucerne SEMA Cars – Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen, Buick!

For those of you who weren’t aware, the title is a quote I paraphrased from Mean Girls, a film that came out just a few years before this advertisement. One of the titular mean girls, Gretchen, kept describing things as “fetch“, a rather pathetic attempt to invent slang and start a new trend. This advertisement was a rather pathetic attempt to make the Buick Lucerne cool.

Buick was indeed trying to make fetch happen, advertising these SEMA cars in various magazines, instead of letting it naturally catch on. Did GM ever advertise the Impala or Caprice specifically to lowrider and donk enthusiasts? No. Eventually, they discovered those cars on their own. And indeed, large American sedans often seem to eventually find a group of admirers who customize them.

If Buick wanted to make the Lucerne cool right off the bat instead of waiting for that second- or third-owner wave, they probably shouldn’t have given it a lackluster base engine or overly discreet styling. A Lucerne styled like the Chrysler 300 would have had instant cool appeal. The Lucerne, styled as it was, was always going to need more time to become dope or tight or on fleek.

But probably not fetch. That’s not going to happen!

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