Last Chance for Rebates! Hurry!


How does a brand new 1981 Pontiac Phoenix strike you?  Bob Sellers has 26 in stock, $500 off!

No?  How about a brand new 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix?  82 in stock now!  $700 off!


I was doing some electrical work up in the attic of the 1899-vintage house I’m refurbishing last night when I came across this jewel.  I’ve found a number of fantastic things working on this house so far-a telegram from someone fighting in World War II, a vintage beer bottle, and a number of “wheat pennies.”  But, this is the first auto ad I’ve managed to find.

Also, yikes!  I mean, I know it was a recession in 1981, but 82 Grand Prixs in stock?  Dang!

Indeed, it was a recession, so maybe a new car isn’t in the cards.  How about a ’66 Chevelle?  283, 3-speed, only $225!  I’m pretty sure that’d be worth a small mint today.

Much to my own surprise, there was a pretty wide assortment of foreign cars listed.  Maybe they were auto workers that decided having them keyed or burned wasn’t so cool after all.  To hear the stories, a foreign car was not long for this world if you turned up at one of the plants in it.

Truly a car town back then, what with special sections for wagons and convertibles!  An “Extra Nice” ’68 Fiat convertible was only $2,200.

Probably the most interesting to me?  The “64 1/2” Mustang that was both “mechanically new” and “completely original,” needed body restoration, and was still $3,950.  That’s $11,000 in 2017 money.  Even then they went for ludicrous money!  If we’re being fair, though, it is a convertible.


From a remnant of the Monday, March 16th, 1981 Detroit News that’s been lying around a Detroit attic since then.