CC TV: 1974 Ford Thunderbird Commercial – “Make A Little Thunder Of Your Own”

I do love browsing YouTube for old car commercials. This is one of my favorites. I can picture the guy Ford is targeting in 1974. He’s probably late 30s to early 50s. Pretty successful, given that the T-bird had a base price of $7,221 (that’s almost $35K in 2015 dollars). Definitely not an ex-hippie, but a member of Boomer or Greatest Generation class, in their prime earning years. He was interested in keeping up with the Jones, and not concerned with keeping that 21 gallon gas tank filled at 10 MPG or whatever these parade floats managed in the real world.

His career was probably one of the usual professional fields, doctor, lawyer, dentist, or a mid level manager. Maybe an engineer, but didn’t those guys buy Toronados?  Probably not an innovative or creative person. He wanted bang for his buck, and really longed for a Mark IV, but couldn’t quite swing the monthlies what with saving up for his future Gen X offspring’s college fund.

If he was from the Greatest Generation, he was possibly trading in a 70 Bunkie Bird, or even a ’64 Flair Bird if he was a bit of tightwad. People didn’t hold on to cars as long back then, especially image conscious personal luxury buyers. If you were in the market in ’74, would you “Make a Little Thunder of Your Own”?