Airstream Funeral Coach: A Hearse Made Worse


Looking back, it’s amazing that (1) somebody thought this was a good idea, and (2) a major manufacturer actually produced it. Meet the Airstream Funeral Coach, which was designed to make the funeral procession a more efficient enterprise. Airstream built these things in the early-mid 1980s, complete with seating for 13 mourners and many of the amenities of a traditional motor home. (If the commentariat can supply more specific information about these, it would be much appreciated. There’s a dearth of info online.)


According to Airstream, the funeral coach consolidated the duties of the hearse and lead limousines in one convenient, fuel-saving vehicle (the latter as opposed to two gas-guzzling 7-passenger limousines and a flower car). As it turned out, the Airstream Funeral Coach was DOA; a resounding failure in the marketplace, it was the first and last flirtation with the RV as a professional car.