Another Swiss Outtake: Four-Door Hatchbacks, Big And Small

KK panamera aygo

Robert.Walter has been sending me shots from Switzerland, and I’m a bit backlogged in getting to them. But this shot of a Toyota Aygo and a Panamera caught my eye. Why? Well, there’s the obvious contrast. But I’m also finding that with time, the Panamera is becoming easier on the eye; it’s starting to look rather clean and sleek compared with all the flamed, creased and multi-contoured newer cars in its class–and how we all hated on it when it first came out! Everything is relative…which reminds me, I once claimed to be the first person to identify the Panamera’s design inspiration:

Bristol 405

The Bristol 405, the only four-door made by that storied brand. Built between 1955 and 1958, it still used the pre-war BMW 328-based 2-liter six (which would be replaced by big Chrysler V8s in the very long line of Bristol coupes that finally reached its end just a few years back). Too bad the 405 didn’t make it into the V8 era–then it really would have been a Panamera precursor in more ways than just design.