Anything You Can Do…


…Your older brother can do better? Extremely debatable, but mine did just purchase a 1990 Volvo 740 Turbo. It’s faster and way more fun than my wagon.


I am going to take credit for this purchase. A single round trip totaling 942 miles was all it took. One road trip in my Volvo and my brother changed from searching old Outbacks, Imprezas, and Hondas to rear-wheel drive Volvos for his next car. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t take credit. We haven’t fully yet discovered what skeletons lay in this 740’s closet.


My brother found this car for sale near Lima, Ohio. A three hour drive from where we are located. He was in the search specifically for a turbo 740/940. Usually, I keep my car searching radius to a one hour drive, but this 740 is equipped with the hard to find M46 manual transmission so we had to take a look.  It turned out to be a good looking car overall so we decided to go through with the sale. A three hour drive back and the car preformed without issue.  The identical paint color is coincidental, the drivetrain was the main reason for purchase.


The Saturn he bought from me is still around for now. The 740 is going to be a second car for a short time until we get a chance to climb underneath and change the fluids, which will give us a good opportunity to inspect all the mechanical components and such.


Everything seems to be in good order. No coolant leaks, the transmission and differential are dry on the outside so their seals seem to be holding up well. We have noticed a small oil leak when the car cools down from a trip. As you can tell from the height difference between my wagon and his sedan, it could use new shocks and struts. The body does look pretty solid from my initial climbing around underneath. But, I can defiantly tell it has spent a far greater amount of time in the elements than my wagon.


Winters around here are usually terrible. They are cold, dark, dreary, wet and never seem to end. Having a warm, quiet and sound ride for shaking off the weariness during a morning commute can really have an impact on your mood. One of the smaller things I have discovered and enjoy about a vehicle catered to cold climates.


Hopefully, this new addition to the fleet will be reliable and trouble free. If this proves to be true, I think my brother is in for a treat this winter.


The turbo sedan or n/a wagon. What would you prefer?


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