Auction Classic Game: Name That Tailfin

Is there a better emblem for that strange, flamboyant automotive decade of the Fifties than the tailfin? A completely superfluous, stylistic flourish that quickly overtook the U.S. auto industry, then left even faster than it came. Fins are fun, so I thought some Curbside Classic readers might enjoy a game to test their tailfin knowledge. If you want to play, click through!

These 16 photos are all pictures that I took in Scottsdale, Arizona during the January classic car Auction Week. Some of them are a little blurry because I had to zoom in to isolate the fin, but that should just make it more challenging. On a few I (very crudely) colored over name badges or emblems that would give the answer away. Some are photos I’ve used in previous auction articles, some will be in future articles and some won’t be in any other article.

For some this will be very easy, hopefully at least a few will be more difficult. I arranged them in descending order roughly what I estimate will be easiest to hardest. Most are year specific, though a few I think can only be narrowed to a 2 year range. Most are also model specific. The winner (or winners) will be the person who identifies the most years and models and the ones that can’t be narrowed down further if appropriate. But really everyone who spends their time looking at old cars on the internet is a winner, naturally!

The title image is #1.

#2  This is a twofer, with that most vain of Fifties creations, the tailfined pickup truck in the background.














#9 Another twofer, with a bonus point if you can name the third car back (which has no tailfins)















Tomorrow I will post the answers with the full size photos. If you want to i.d. many or all of the cars, you can copy and paste the template below to put your answers in the comments. No fair peeking at other comments first!


2.front:                                               back:







9. front:                                     back:                                  bonus: