CC Auction: All the rest – Moizard Auction

Before the Christmas holiday I shared two posts from the Moizard Auction, French cars as well as Jeeps and Cadillacs. Today we will take a look at all the other vehicles including a couple that I bid on. There was an amazing volume and variety given that it was one man’s collection.

There were a number of British cars present including this 1971 Triumph Stag that still retained its original V8 engine. This engine was related to the TR7 slant four engine but gave twice the trouble with twice the number of cylinder banks. They were often replaced with Rover, Ford, or Chevrolet V8s but this appeared to be quite a nice runner with the stock unit. It was well, well out of my price range but it was free to admire. This Stag sold for $24,750.00 Cdn.

Amazingly there was another Triumph Stag, again with its original engine V8. This one was in my price range and while body wise it appeared to be in quite nice shape, the interior was rough and overall was missing plenty of trim pieces. It sported some attractive but maybe not era correct mesh rims. A worthy project just not for me.

Apply bucket loads of dollars here to revive. This one was quickly put up for sale again by a flipper but sold here for $650.00.

There were a few other British motors including this lovely wire wheeled MG B GT. Beyond the odd mirror placement this appeared to be in very nice shape and likely usable right away.

For those that prefer the top down, there was a MG B roadster in that same odd Seventies orange color as the nice Stag. This one was in need of at least some minor fettling.

A bit more modern is this pair of Jaguars. The sedan is a 1995 Jaguar Vanden Plas that was apparently a regular driver until recently. Given that, $3,600.00 seems quite reasonable.

The 1994 Jaguar XJS appeared that it might benefit from a little TLC.

This was the car I really wanted to bring home as next year’s Great Beater Challenge contender. I figured no one else would be interested and it would go cheap. It was allegedly inspired by a Duesenberg and I suspect it is a homemade custom creation. All the bodywork was metal and placed on some kind of full size GM chassis. The middle section was sourced from a production car. Anyone recognize it?

It had a supposedly running Chevrolet 350cid V8 paired to an automatic transmission.

The interior is sourced from a pre-1979 second generation Camaro!

Here is the rearview. This thing was massively long. If you have not recognized the middle section yet it was sourced from an MG B roaster. Similar in concept to a Clenet which used an MG Midget center body section. While I believe it would have been a sure winner at the Great Beater Challenge the bids went a bit (ok, a lot) nuts. I figured it would land under a thousand dollars but some other bidders must have really wanted it as it ended up at an incredible $5,100. As the crazy bidding came near the end of the auction it meant I did not win any car this time.

Moving past the British stuff here is a proper vintage American car in a 1930 Buick 40 Series Sportsman. The top bid was $14,750.00 but I am unsure if that resulted in a sale.

Did you know there was a Mercury Cougar station wagon? This one sports fake wood paneling and slot mag wheels. For $4,509.00 the buyer got a running and driving classic cruiser.

Speaking of station wagons there were plenty of AMC Eagles including this 1984 example. It fetched a paltry $625.00 but with six or seven Eagles on offer, the rougher ones maybe ran out of enthusiastic buyers.

This 1987 one had the wood panels and looked most ready for the road of all the Eagles and attracted a top bid of $6,000.00.

This Diamond was another one of his resto mod creations with a triple tone paint job. Someone bought themselves a project at $11,000.00. I bet a pile more than that was “invested” in the rig.

This 1978 Lincoln Town Car Coupe in yellow out numbered by all the Cadillacs but sold for $9,400.00.

A six wheeled Dodge Power Wagon sitting next to a four eyes Jeep Cherokee and a Triumph Stag. Not many places have this sort of automotive variety.

Mr. Moizard was obviously a station wagon fan and I suspect this 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser will soon be restored by its new owner. At $1,550.00 they are off to a good start.

This 1986 Pontiac Parisienne Safari was in very nice shape and looked ready for its new owner to drive home. $9,500 selling price.

Being both an early and deluxe example this 1979 Dodge SE Ramcharger is a rare sight these days. Next to it was a Ramcharger from nearer the end of the production line (the example is a 1986). Despite being in need of some clutch work I would call this well bought at $1,650.00.

There were a few bigger trucks which often go cheap as they are expensive to haul home and not everyone has the space to store them. This Dodge 700 went for $605.00 but I do wonder if it escaped the scrappers at that price.

This half of a Diamond T was perhaps another resto mod candidate.

There were several Packards in rough, field find condition. I heard several of these just got scrapped after the auction.

Among the Packards were several that would have made good projects including this long wheelbase car.

This 1948 Packard Custom 8 looks rather complete with decent condition chrome. It even had a full set of hub caps.

A Mercury Eight convertible project sporting moon discs as well as a “Corvette engine” and Mustang II front suspension.

I have often thought of making a vintage speedster and this would have been a fine start but one can only have so many ambitious projects at once … unless you own a farm to store them all. It sold for a very reasonable $493.00.

This beefy 1976 Dodge truck was another one of the more heavy duty trucks on offer. A hefty trailer and $1,800.00 took this one home.

There were a number of Internationals including this 1975 500 model farm truck.

As well as several Scouts like this 1976 International Scout pickup truck. A little banged up but seemingly a bargain at $625.00.

This similar color 1978 International Scout looked rusty but complete on this side …

… but cancer removal surgery seemed to have stalled in the middle of the job. It took $750 to take this patient home.

To round out the Americans we will end on another resto mod, this time a 1942 Dodge Power Wagon. This one goes well too far into the mod territory for my taste with the modern wheels, shiny paint and add on baubles. It was sitting on a 2005 Dodge chassis with a Hemi powertrain.

There were a few Germans present with this rather nice 1986 Porsche 928 being rather tempting for folks with a decent budget. Due to their complexity, these are likely not a good bet at this sort of auction unless they go really cheap due to the lack of maintenance records. This sold for $11,000.

A rather solid looking Mercedes 220S sedan that, as I recall, the interior looked a bit tougher than the outside. That combined with a missing engine resulted in a $950.00 top bid.

A 1970 Mercedes Unimog bits and pieces.

Think of it as kit to build your own Unimog as it seemed to be all there.

My middle son had an interest in this 1979 Datsun 280ZX and we put in a few bids before the price took off beyond what he had in the budget. It was rusty but not too horrible and sold for a not unreasonable $2,650.00.

A much nicer condition ZX (1982) was available as well but it was the less desirable 2+2 model and well out of his modest budget at $9,200.00.

I briefly considered this 1998 Suzuki Sidekick as it was in decent shape with a brand new, still in the box soft top sitting on the back seat. In the end, I decided it was not special enough to justify the eight hour drive and trailer rental. It sold for $1,750.00.

If I lived closer I might have been tempted by this tiny Suzuki LJ. The separated chassis and body likely hurt bidding which stopped at $850.00.

We will end on this 1940 Cockshutt / Oliver tractor with fantastic patina. A local YouTuber snagged it cheap, at $1,350.00, and had it running around his yard pretty quickly. I went home with nothing but photos and bonding time with my son which is just fine with me. There is always another auction to look forward to. The full catalogue available here for now.