CC Auction: Mystery Box

Mystery lot

As mentioned in my Studebaker acquisition post, I also bought a semi-mystery tote in the same online auction. I was intrigued by the box for the banjo steering wheel horn button. I would like to build myself one someday, so it seemed reasonable to buy this one if it went low enough. The auction described this lot as a tachometer with others bit. I put in a low-ish bid and won it (again for my maximum bid). So did I win a treasure cache or a box of junk?

Unfortunately I had to wait until Sunday to travel to the Edmonton area for pickup so I was one of the last to retrieve my items. When I picked it up the steering wheel horn button was missing and the box was now open. So they either they auctioned an empty box or someone snagged it for themselves before I picked it up. There was one Volkswagen in the auction but it had a stock steering wheel.

Horn button.

It was a real shame as this is what it should have contained. These are intended for classic Porsche 356s and Volkswagen Beetles.

Wheel adapter.

So what did I get? Well, this wheel adapter is for a Banjo steering wheel for Volkswagen Beetle, Ghia or Type-3 – 1960-1974-1/2. 40 splines. So it likely would have gone along with the missing horn button.


There were also a few gauges in pieces. Rod assembled and identified these gauges on the ride home. They appear to be from a 1937-1938 Fargo truck. The gauges are very similar to Dodge and Plymouth of same year except for color.

Guage - multi function.

Fuel, temperature, amp, oil pressure multi gauge but missing the temperature portion. Certainly no tachometer as the description promised.

License plate bracket.

The last item was this license plate bracket from the same truck. At the end of the day I ended up selling the gauges and bracket for a very minor profit since I did not really need them. Oddly the buyer was the guy who sold me the 1961 Pontiac Laurentian a few years ago. I still have the wheel adapter sitting around as no buyers have come forward, but it is a bit of specialty item. So not amazing outcome but not a terrible one either.