eBay Find: 1973 Capri by Lincoln-Mercury…Brougham?!

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The Capri has been a CC favorite, judging from no less than two writeups (one by yours truly) on the little sporty Euro Ford on these digital pages. So why am I writing a post on another one? Well, as you will see, this is a very unusual example. “Wait a minute Tom, that looks pretty stock to me, other than the spoiler.” Well, just wait…

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Let’s get the biggest modification out of the way. Yes, this Capri has a Continental kit, along with custom taillights that remind this author of an early ’60s Lotus Elite. Of course, the gorgeous Elites by Colin Chapman did not have Continental kits!

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I am going to guess that the owner of this car was an engineer, judging from all of the decidedly non-factory gadgets and gizmos equipped therein. Here is just a partial excerpt from the ebay auction:

“All of these interior additions were [installed] around 1980 and have only 1500 miles on the car since installation…power antenna, power windows, power trunk lid, interior trunk lights, interior trunk trim including first aid kit [and] tool kit, Realistic CB radio, ZT Dynamic Travel computer [and] 1980 Kenwood stereo radio with cassette player…”


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Yes, this 1973 Capri 2000 is a gadget lover’s dream! Clearly this car has been very well taken care of over the years.

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All in all, a very attractive car, and that color combination is so period-correct for the early ’70s. Circa 1973, silver cars were the exception, not the rule!

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I’ve always had a soft spot for these cars, as Dad had a ’74 V6 with the 2.8L V6 and manual transmission. I’ve not seen a Capri in any sort of nice condition for many years, so this Capri “Brougham” was a treat.

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And for those of you a bit put off by the Continental kit on such a sporty little car, it easily can be unbolted and the rear bumper put back into its original configuration, according to the auction. Even as much of a Broughamaholic as I am, that Connie kit would have to go!

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The full auction can be seen here on ebay. Related CCs: 1973 Capri by Lincoln-Mercury  1969 Ford Capri