The Ultimate CC Auction: The Ron Hackenberger Collection – Oddball Classic Cars Galore

Disclaimer – I absolutely love odd ball classics cars. Like a moth to a flame I am attracted to vehicles that the average car buff has never heard of. Given my project car buying history it is clear that I am also a sucker for hopeless case cars. Anything that is worn out, hacked up or just fallen into disrepair from neglect. If I was not married I would likely would be the vehicle version of the crazy cat lady. DougD’s comment on the Hudson Hornet outtake alerted me to the Hackenberger auction in Ohio on June 15th. Follow along as we virtually check out some of the more interesting lots.

We will start off with the Tatra that was also mentioned in the Hudson post. This one appears to be the smaller 600 or Tatraplan with its grill missing. Only 6342 of these flat four powered sedans were built between 1946 and 1952. While the iconic V8 powered T77 and T87 Tatras are most well known the 600 also displays the unique streamlined styling and is well worth saving.

Perhaps you would prefer your rear engine car with half the number of cylinders? This Vespa 400 might fit the bill. Better known for their scooters Vespa also made this two stroke, two cylinder, rear engine micro car between 1957 and 1961. I spy a few other micro cars in this shot including a Goggomobil, Crosley Hot Shot, Subaru 360, and a H-M-Vehicles Free-Way three wheeler.

Here is a better photo of the Crosley Hot Shot (there was also a similar Super Sport model that had doors). These featured a 26.5-hp, 44-cid engine that did well in “index of performance” style motorsports.

A front view of the Subaru 360. These were most commonly delivered in white but this one appears to have received an amateur blue paint job at some point.

It appears that the collection includes at least one BMW Isetta as well. These are one of the most well known micro cars and will likely command a strong price.

I cannot recall ever seeing a Studebaker school bus. Unfortunately this one has gone pass the point of patina to merely rusty looking.

The Leata Caballero (I have also seen it spelt as Cabalero with one L) is based off the humble Chevrolet Chevette. Steinbaugh Manufacturing built around one hundred of these luxury fitted Chevettes in Post Falls, Idaho from 1975 to 1977. The custom body styling is a little reminiscent of a narrowed Monte Carlo.

There is also a pickup variant available. The padded roof is an essential Seventies touch.

Another interesting pickup truck on offer is this Powell. These ultra boxy trucks were built in the 1950s on an older Plymouth chassis with a variety of Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler engines fitted. Interesting fact – the early bumpers were made from wood before being replaced with metal units over safety concerns.

No interesting car collection would be complete without something French. This Panhard certainly fits the bill. It looks reasonably complete and will hopefully be bought by someone with the resources to restore it.

This Morris Minor might be a little more mundane than the Panhard but parts would certainly be easier to obtain. A rare Austin A40 Somerset Coupe (convertible) sits next to it.

A few early Hondas represent Japan – a N600 sedan and a pair of Z600 hatchbacks.

As well as this Suzuki LJ two stroke. It appears to be dwarfed by the tractors near by.

I believe this is a DKW 1000 rather than the earlier DKW 3=6. These feature front wheel drive with a two stroke three cylinder engine. This one appears to have suffered a sunburn and a flat tire but appears to be reasonably solid otherwise.

A selection of London cabs from different eras.

Renault 10 if you like your French cars to resemble to the box they were delivered in.

Lots of patina on this old Jaguar saloon.

This Sunbeam Rapier (correction) is another Brit and appears to be in good shape. I think that might be a Crosley Transferable behind it.

An early King Midget.

A couple different takes on delivery vehicles.

Where else would you see a Studebaker limousine with slot mag wheels and a roof rack?

1 of 435 Kaiser Darrin 161 sports car made. This one seemed to be equipped with some kind of hardtop.

An Austin Bantam looking even stubbier than usual from this vantage point.

Electric Elcar already loaded on a trailer. A second one in the same color appears in the background of other photos.

If that Studebaker bus did not appeal how about this classic Mercedes?

Unfortunately for me but likely good for my wife’s sanity this auction is a bit too far away for me to drag a new treasure home. If I could attend I would have a hard time deciding where to place my bid. Ultimately and impractically the micro cars would hold greatest appeal like this Subaru 360 pickup truck.

Or this solid looking NSU Prinz. What would tempt you to bid? Check out the full listing here: VanDerBrink Auctions.