Beige Buick Day Continues: A 1995 Century With A Surprise!

10-11-2012 042 (1280x852)

We’ve already looked at one beige A-body today, but I felt the need to share this Century sedan I saw at a garage back in October. Yes, it has the rare alloy wheels, but that’s not the biggest surprise.

10-11-2012 037 (1280x852)

Looks like it took quite a knock to the old nose. But don’t worry, they sold thousands of these cars in the Midwest, and I imagine the local junkyard has several of these to provide a new bumper, grille, header panel, headlamp and hood. They probably even have one in beige Light Driftwood! So, a beige Buick, big deal, even with the alloys. What prompted me to snap these pics?

10-11-2012 032 (1280x852)

This! Yes, this Century Custom has the super-scarce leather interior, in beige of course. I would guess that less than 10% of these had leather seats. This may well be the only one I’ve seen in the metal. I know this is at least a 1995, as this more modern seat design was added that year.

10-11-2012 039 (1280x852)

A round speedometer replaced the time-honored strip speedometer that year too. But leather was available to the end of production, so this could also be a ’96. I don’t think there is a way to tell the two model years apart.

10-11-2012 033 (1280x852)

The back seat appears equally immaculate. If I had to guess, I’d say that someone’s Grandma Betty bought a new Lacrosse and gave their old car to their grandson/granddaughter. Augustana College (my alma mater), St. Ambrose and Palmer College of Chiropractic are all nearby, and I could see this as some student’s “college car.” Either that, or the original owner had a mishap parallel parking…

10-11-2012 035 (1280x852)

I have to wonder about the damage to the passenger-side back door. Was it open at the time of the crash, and forward momentum crumpled the sheetmetal into the front door? Or is it from a separate event? There were marks on this side; a sideswipe, perhaps? Other than the nose, airbag, rear fender arch and that one door, this car was in showroom condition.

10-11-2012 036 (1280x852)

I hope it was in to be fixed, and not a totaled car to be hauled away to the scrappers. At any rate, it disappeared shortly after I took these photos. It should be saved for that rare leather interior alone! If it had been red on red, I might even have inquired if it was for sale!

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