Big Rig Week QOTD: Can Anyone ID This Old Rig?

Truck fl

 One of my favourite pastimes is geocaching, which is like a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates. It often takes me to out-of-the-way spots, where all sorts of interesting things may be found. Just yesterday I was out seeking geocaches in a coal-mining area in the central part of New Zealand’s North Island, and the coordinates led me to an old coalfield railway line, “The Pukemiro Line”, now owned by a steam train club. While hunting for the geocache, I stumbled upon this unidentified old 4WD truck, or what’s left of it.  With Big Rig Week drawing to a close, it seems appropriate to include pics of an old truck whose life is also drawing to a close, and to see if anyone can identify it.

I searched all over the remains, but was unable to find anything indicating its make. The sole recognisable sign was ‘Vauxhall’ on a casting bolted to the front of each chassis rail. Vauxhall didn’t make trucks, but their subsidiary Bedford did, so maybe this is the remains of a Bedford? That, dear readers, is the question: what make of truck is it? Here are some more pics which may help.

Truck chassis

Front diff says it’s 4WD.  That and the army-green driveshaft suggest it’s possibly an ex-Army truck.

Truck engine

Old straight-6 diesel engine resting up after a lifetime of lugging loads.  Look familiar to anyone?

It probably doesn’t start so well without the starter…

The bed was made out of corrugated roofing iron, a useful bit of re-purposing.  I found it interesting how the chassis rails become more wedge-shaped towards the front.  The running gear seemed fairly well greased,’I suspect with some work (and a new starter) it would still run.


Here’s the adjacent railway line, the ghost of railways past.  Plenty of interesting old rolling stock here!  And yes, I found the geocache that brought me to this piece of peace.  So what about it CCers?  Who wants to hazard a guess as to the truck’s make and model?