Curbside Caption – It’s DeBackwards

Ever have a day where things seem to be going the wrong way?  OK, please be generous and tell me that my attempt at a caption is at least mildly entertaining.  I am sure that all of you can do better.  I probably can too.

Actually, the background story on this photo is quite interesting.   The driver was Harry Hartz.  He was a race driver who cut his teeth in Indianapolis in the 1920s.  By the early 1930s, he was driving for Chrysler Corporation.

This car was put together as a publicity stunt.  It was a DeSoto mounted backwards on its chassis.  Hartz drove the backwards DeSoto across much of the US in 1933.

I remembered this photo from a long-ago piece in Special Interest Autos Magazine, and found a reference to it on Allpar as well.  It turns out that the backwards DeSoto was part of the project that became the Chrysler/DeSoto Airflow.  In the early 1930s, a traditionally shaped car was found to get better fuel economy going backwards than it did going forwards.  This car brought home that point, and was one way that Chrysler tried to get the public ready for the new aerodynamic 1934 Airflow.

Although Hartz went on to set over thirty stock car records with the new 1934 DeSoto Airflow, the car was not so successful with the public.