Car Show Capsule: 1936 Dodge D2 Coupe – Building Better Cars for You to Drive


A lot of our focus during Mopar Week has been on cars built since World War II, but let’s not forget Dodge had been around for a long time by then.  Combine that with low production numbers, just a hair over 4,000 for this model and body style, and it will help explain why seeing a ’36 Dodge is so rare.

The Series D2 was planted on a 116″ wheelbase and powered by an 84 horsepower straight six.

1936 Dodge-19

When looking for period advertisements, Dodge certainly has more of the memorable ones from the time.


This particular D2 coupe has a rumble seat.  There was also a longer wheelbase Dodge offered that year with a model specifically called “Rumbleseat Coupe”; model names created confusion even then.

Despite being at a car show, this Dodge is very much in driver status as the paint appeared to have been applied with a brush.  These pictures were taken at the monthly car show here in Jefferson City in June; when I saw it at the show in July, two of the fenders were in primer, so it’s being restored.


It looks like it hasn’t had a heart transplant, which is refreshing to see after all the 351 and 460 powered ’30’s era Ford’s at the same show.