Car Show Classics: Deer Park, Escondido CA, Hosted by Cadillac & LaSalle Club

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I love car shows.   My favorite are the smaller, local ones hosted by a club in a park or park-like setting.  These usually last all day which gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the cars.

This past weekend I attended such a show in Escondido California at Deer Park, a winery and classic car museum.  The friendly San Diego Cadillac & LaSalle Club hosted the event and it was open to all makes.

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There were plenty of Corvettes and 50-60s Chevrolets on this beautiful Spring day, no surprise.

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Oldsmobile was well represented too.  Here are three 1950 models.  One of the two red cars won its class at the show.

Pic 4

Not sure if it was this striking 88 convertible…

Pic 5

Or this handsome 88 Coupe.  The engine compartment was a work of art.

Pic 6

When was the last time you saw a 1967 Grand Prix convertible?  There were other noteworthy Pontiacs but oddly no Buicks.

Pic 7

This knockout 1953 Cadillac Eldorado was my favorite car at the show.  ‘53 was the first year for the Eldorado and this one had been expertly restored.  Note the unique windshield compared with a regular Series 62 and how the beltline dips down.  The Eldo has more stainless on the body, different upholstery and a unique metal finisher on the dash.

Pic 8

I have always loved the style, size and quality of the early 50s Cadillacs but it was the color of this car that drew me in.

Pic 9

More specifically the color combination — yellow body, red interior and a black charcoal top.  The tall seating and narrow passenger compartment would soon give way to an era of lower, wider cars.  I wondered what this ’53 was like to drive.

This car won its class at the show.

Pic 10

Another class winner was this 1967 Eldorado.  It was a beautiful, mostly original, 8,000 mile car.   (Those poor hood hinges!)

The color itself looked to be correct but there was something a bit off about the repaint, like maybe a clearcoat finish had been used instead of a process more true to the original single-stage lacquer.

Pic 11

No nits to pick under the hood.  Everything has aged beautifully and at the same rate.

Pic 12

The front end of this 1957 Convertible was one of the prettiest at the show.   The slim mid section is so sexy!

Pic 13

While the 1958 Chevys have grown on me I can’t say the same about the Cadillacs.   The Eldorado Biarritz (pictured) carried over the rear end styling from the ’57 — arguably the best ever for a Cadillac — but to me it never looked right with the quad headlamps.  The blue plates and Vogue tires detract from this particular car.

Pic 14

If the ’58 jumped the shark the 1959 kept right on going until it sailed over the moon.  I love this shot of the Fleetwood nestled in the leaves.  Rocket ship meets earth.

See Paul’s excellent piece on the 1959 Cadillac here.

Pic 15

This 1960 Fleetwood was newly restored, stunning and toned down a bit from the previous model year.  ‘60 was the first year for the factory vinyl top and this car had one.

Pic 16

Vinyl top or no the rose Fleetwood couldn’t touch this magnificent 1962 Coupe de Ville showing just 8,000 miles.  Yes the paint is original and that’s what a factory lacquer finish looks like.

See Laurence’s fantastic tribute to the ’62 here.

Pic 17

Talk about a classic color combination, here is the interior of the ‘62 CDV.  The smell inside was heavenly, not of leather but of fine old car.

Pic 18

You can see the fins of a 1961 Fleetwood rising between the Allante and yellow Fleetwood Brougham.  Note the more modern roofline compared with the ’60.

Pic 19

From around back you can see the second set of lower fins or “skegs”, which were unique to the ’61 and ’62 models.

Pic 20

This 1969 convertible was not being judged and I don’t know why.  I would have given it extra points for not being overly restored and having the most attractive front end since ’57.

Pic 21

The ’69 fins were nice too.  A nod to the early 50s and I like how Cadillac did it again with the ’77.

Here is that 1959 Fleetwood again doing what it does best, making people smile.