Car Show: 2015 Sinaia Concours d’Elegance


The 2015 Sinaia Concours d’Elegance, in Romania, took place back in July. Just a few pictures to describe the event, starting with this 1954 Kaiser Darrin.


This is the Best of Show winning Cord 812. I couldn’t really grab any more pictures of it, as it was at any time surrounded by curious people.


This 1958 Mercedes took second place in its class. I could have gotten an award for the color alone, a very refined shade of blue.


It also got a prize for the greatest distance covered to the concours.

o 3

This 1904 Oldsmobile was a real treat, only the cloud of blue smoke that often accompanied it making for something of a disappointment.


Although the grounds were full of people, rare moments when you could set up your picture just the way you wanted to did show up now and then.


1909 Maxwell A Runabout. It appeared to be in very good condition aesthetically, but its overall condition could only bring it third place in its class.

DSCF9374 (2)

This Alfa wasn’t competing, but it did make for an interesting sight on the grounds.


This DeSoto was one of the only cars from the 1940’s that I had ever seen. Proportions were really something different than what I was used to.


The Giulia Sprint Speciale won the Competition Cars class. I think it is being used in hill-climb races.


I didn’t have a lot of time for pictures this year, but as I was getting ready to leave, there were still one or two interesting cars to see around.

fim 2

Another car that looked really good on the day was this 1935 Ford, caught here as it was leaving the event.

vette 2

I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to for this year’s event, and I’m hoping I will be able to post some more in the coming months.