Car Show Classic: 1958 Chevrolet “Business Coupe”

(first posted 10/6/2012)    I do love the odd stuff. A mint, numbers-matching ’69 Camaro? Nice enough, but there are dozens at any given show. On the other hand, something unusual or wacky at a show will always get my immediate attention. At first glance, especially from the front, this 1958 Chevrolet looked mundane enough…but this one has something a little extra.

Extra trunk length, that is.  From the rear, it almost looks like an optical illusion. Actually, this started out as a 1958 Biscayne four-door sedan. The owner didn’t know a whole lot of its history when he bought it, but thanks to the internet he’s nailed down some of its build history.

Its two rear doors were welded shut, the passenger compartment shortened by 32″, and the rear window section  reused wisely. The extra 32″ was added to the trunk to produce a sort-of-more-modern, extended-trunk version of the “businessman’s special” coupes of the 1940s.

While the result may not be to everyone’s taste, the workmanship is fantastic. So what do you say: a hit or a miss?