Car Show Classic: Custom Truck Overloaded with Character

2008 Homebuilt

A vehicle that oozes character usually has an owner who does also.  Double that sentiment for any built-from-scratch vehicle, with the character rating going off the chart when the vehicle in question is also the owner’s daily driver.

I came across this very unusual truck at the first outdoor car show of the season.  A little down on attendance due to a delivery of snow the day before, it nevertheless offered a few interesting automotive nuggets.  Even from a distance, this truck looked to be very different.  The hood was longer than what you would normally see on a vehicle of this vintage.  A small crowd was gathered around trying guess what the heck it was and what parts donors could have been used.  Turns out everyone was stumped and for good reason.

2008 Homemade

The owner appeared and explained with great pride that it was completely scratch-built.  Usually such assertions are followed by disclaimers related to the use of production vehicle frames or body panels.  Not so in this case as the owner, Fuzz, fabricated the frame, cab and all body panels.  About the only stock components are the axles, front and rear, which were sourced from a Jeep.  You can see his nickname in the grill surround as well as on the side step.

2008 Homemade interior

The interior isn’t exactly plush and features a lot of wood.  The cab was authentically vintage in looks as well as size.

2008 Homebuilt engine

The engine is a Ford V8, but is an odd ball itself.  Fuzz said the block was a 351 unit with a 289 cam.  The pistons were sourced from a Chevrolet V8 and he had sourced push rods from another, unspecified vehicle to make it all work together.

2008 Homemade propane

To top it off, the engine had been converted to run on propane rather than gasoline.  I got the feeling Fuzz rather enjoyed thumbing his nose at conventional thinking.  He mentioned the engine was built for torque, which makes sense given the vehicle’s heft and four-wheel drive, and that it had plenty of get up and go.


Fuzz was an old school hot rodder and shared plenty of photos of his rides from back in the day.  One of the more memorable of these was a Ford Model A roadster which served as his daily driver, despite having no roof.  He shared a photo of it full of snow and relayed the story of having to shovel it out before driving his mother to work in it.  She must have had the understanding and patience of a saint!

2008 Homemade rear

I noticed the out of province license plates and Fuzz mentioned that he was just in town for the day. He had seen the show driving by and decided to pop in, making this his first car show appearance despite being the owner many speciality vehicles in the past. I’m certainly glad he made the effort, as this was probably the one and only time I will see this unique vehicle and its unique owner.