Car Show Classics: It’s All About MG (And Much More), Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I attended another meeting of Five Club, the premier Israeli classic cars’ club, for a meeting that celebrated one of its members’ MGB. The car had reached end of restoration, after emigrating from the US over to Israel. Naturally, the owner is also a member of the Israeli MG club, so most (if not all) Israeli MGs turned out in force to pay their respects. I took photos.

Well I mean, I took many photos, so this post will be divided in two, with the first batch published here. I’ll proceed in the order of events, which means we join the place while they are still organizing the cars and setting up the meeting:

Somewhat at the corner was parked this lovely MGB adorned with classic red paint. It’s the same car photographed from the back at the top of this post.

Some MGB GTs were also present, as you can see from the photos above. And look to the other side of the small parking lot- yet older MGs were also present:

That’s a 1953 MG TD to die for, and here come the MGAs:

All looked pristine, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Matt black MGA (photo above). Looking at hi-res photos on my PC, I think it’s actually wrapped and not painted.

Now we come to the utility service vehicle of the club – well, at least that’s what it was on the day:

I love the fact they are using a mid-restoration car to haul the club’s flags and other stuff around. This is Israel, and everything is done unofficially, so no special “Club 5” truck here. Just a scraped Yellow ’54 Belvedere (which I liked so much I photographed it some more):

If you recall my previous posts of such events, you’ll remember that these meetings usually host various classics in all shapes and forms, never just one make (such as MG, in the case of this meeting). Here are more participants, some arriving and some already parked on the spot:

These guys set themselves up really well, all parked next to the Caddie with beer, Pita-bread and cigarettes. Although I think they are killing two birds with one stone, also saving a parking spot for a late-arriving friend of theirs.

As you can see, there are plenty of US cars on the premises. Those are well loved within the Israeli classic cars’ community, and are diverse as can be. But all the while, MGs kept arriving:

My dad had one of these, a 1976 model if I’m not mistaken (he bought it in 1978), I distinctly remember being driven to elementary school in that car. Sadly I have not a single photograph of it (dad wasn’t a car guy by any means).

Possibly the oldest car at the meeting was this Fiat 1100B, but here comes a CC favorite (?):

Yes, a majestic 1982 New-Yorker in all its brown glory.

As you can see, the Monte Carlo holds a “for sale” sign under the windshield. That’s a new import from the US as the license plate testify.

Here’s what you could call an MGB rival, the well known Alfa Spider. I think this may also be an import from the US, judging by its big bumpers – those were not mandatory in Israel at the time.

And arriving in the background:

A very nice Plymouth Cranbrook, I think from 1952. Love the color.

I don’t know why, but I like what they did with this Karmann Ghia. I’d even loose the bumpers for the final look.

A car I haven’t seen in a while was also there; a Vauxhall Cresta, circa 1960, I think.

Yet another MGB rival was also present, a Fiat 124 Sport Spider, followed shortly by its older 1500 Spider brother:

You can always count on Subaru to be seen in such meetings, being a very popular car in Israel in its day. Besides this Brat pickup, notice behind it the blue Leone DL.

Here’s that Leone again, although easy to miss with that white whale in the foreground…

And who remembers this? A Seville turned into a DeElegante Opera Coupe by Grandeur coach-builders, if I recall correctly. “Grandeur” is the right term for this, no doubt.

And all the while, MGs kept arriving – now we come to the jacked-up black-bumpered US cars:

Here ends part 1 of this meeting, which will continue next week. For now, I’ll leave you with a short video I took on the day: