Car Show Classics: More Eclectic Mix This Way – And Some Minis

Last Friday I headed northwards once more, to that regular meeting I was once before and wrote about here. The reason? To capture classics that may have slipped my lens the last time, and also to witness the unveiling of a Mini, along with other Minis that came as support.

As I already reviewed what this meeting was all about (in the link above), I’ll start right off with the photos and the Minis:

They look much less preserved than you might think- these could actually be perfect candidates for Bona-Fide CCs. And note the small Suzuki Splash behind them, how big it is compared to the Minis.

This one was more preserved, maybe because it’s an open top (that makes it probably the only one of its kind in Israel). I’ll return to the Minis later. For now, here’s an orange Ford Anglia Van:

This ‘Vette was unveiled a week before. Another recent import to Israel, it was imported along with this graphic sticker (oh well). And take note of the Audi in the background.


This Daytona Lark was one of my favorites at the meeting. I think it looks gorgeous with a very clean design. Sorry, I have no idea why the yellow headlights.

Once a very familiar sight on the roads of Israel, this Leone Coupe is now one of the rare ones- and well kept as well. Now see what I found:

The last time this car appeared on CC, many of you chose it as your favorite. It seems this Mercury is a regular at this meeting.

The Grand Marquis’ rival could be seen parked further away. I don’t care much for these barges, but I must admit it’s impressive in white.

Remember the Audi above? Here’s its older brother, sporting a fresh paint job and some alloys.

This appeared out of nowhere and than vanished as if it was never here. Yes, I know it’s just a Beetle underneath but it’s good to see some off the wall classics. Here’s another “Beetle”, and some more German cars:

That’s a nice P1800 besides the Merc R107. It was very well kept, as was this Volvo:

Another Mini was fashionably late to join the display, but I’m glad it did. Believe it or not, this is my favorite of the meeting. I love the matte paint and period sports wheels, as well as the intentional missing arches that make the wheels stick out further. And it’s got a Land Rover emblem at the front. Perfect.

The Mini’s Dad, a Morris Minor (well, not really Dad but you know what I mean). See a familiar shape behind it.

More photos of the Cutlass for you- I think the CC community has a soft spot for these mid-Seventies “colonnade” GMs.

This Aspen was also around, a bit of a hit and miss from Chrysler, as PN wrote about here. That brown is so Seventies.

But time now to head back to the Mini area. By now they unveiled the star of the meeting:

The story behind it was interesting. This was a gift from a grandfather to his grandchild, so they were quite emotional. As for the Mini itself, well, it wasn’t in the best of conditions is the best way to describe it. Some less-than-satisfactory repairs were done to its body and those stickers, in my opinion, are not really needed when it comes to a simple 1976 Leyland Mini 1000. Not all Minis should be made to look like Coopers. But it’s not my car, and passing it on in the family is nice.

In the link at the head of this post I wrote that the Five club was hosting its own meeting, refusing to collaborate with this meeting. Since it was only a mile away, I decided to drive there and see what they had to offer:

Not much, as you can see. Yes, the Yellow Ami has its charm, that Humber is the sole Super Snipe in Israel and the T-Bird is gorgeous, but that was really it. The other meeting wins, hands down.