CC International Meetup?: Tokyo, Japan – October 24-30th

I have a somewhat milestone-ish birthday tomorrow that I wasn’t making a big deal of and would rather kind of ignore, but then my wife insisted I tell her something I wanted. I kind of joked and said I’d wanted to attend the Tokyo Motor Show since I was in high school reading about it in the various magazines, but had no idea when it was.  She checked and while it’s held every other year, this happens to be one of them and it’s coming up in a couple of weeks!  Five minutes later she found a round trip ticket for $403 (of which literally 95% is fees and taxes) from LA-Beijing-Tokyo and booked me on it.  This morning I got the press credential that gets me in the show during the press days (and is curiously gender non-specific for some reason), of which I’ll miss the first day but I’m counting on the jet lag to get me up bright and early for the second day.

The Tokyo Show is still far enough away from here and different enough culturally to appeal to me, unlike many of the others where most everything has already been revealed by the time they roll around.  I’m looking forward to seeing some interesting things there and hopefully share them with you…

In any case I have a few other things I want to see and do in Tokyo but if anyone is around I’d be happy to meet up for something (but no karaoke!)  Our two Japan-based contributors are still checking their new work travel and vacation plan schedules so time will tell in that regard but if there are others out there let me know; I’m aware it’s a long shot.  Either post here or send an email to and I will respond.  If I don’t then it didn’t come through so please try again.

I haven’t been to Japan since 2005 and look forward to exploring Tokyo again but probably won’t travel anywhere else this time as opposed to the last time.  There’s more than enough to see and do in Tokyo for a week as a solo traveler without a load on my back…Perhaps I’ll see you!