Swap Meet Classics: A Mixed Bag With Some Canadianna

Swap Meet

I always make a point to attend the local swap meet which has become much easier to do since the organizers have stopped holding it on Valentine’s Day. I generally don’t buy a lot (with the exception of last year) as most of the parts on offer are for the more common 50s to 70s American classics. I have more … offbeat tastes in classic cars. None the less it is fantastic fun to browse and catch up with friends we can’t seem to manage to get together with on a regular basis. As the first big automotive event of the year there is always a chance to see some classics out in the snow too. So follow along for a quick tour.

1970 Acadian

There were plenty of classics for sale inside ranging for basket case projects to fully restored drivable dreams. This Canadian market 1970 Acadian was just the right amount of tatty to be tempting. It is, of course, a Nova derivative to be sold at Pontiac dealers.

1978 Oldsmobile 442

You don’t see too many of these 1978 Oldsmobile 442 fastbacks around anymore. This one still had factory graphics and a solid looking body with aftermarket rims. The interior was in very rough shape though.

1968 Rambler

This 1968 Rambler could have been the ticket for those looking for less a project but not requiring a second mortgage. You can’t see it this photo but the seats were also done in a two tone black/orange theme.

Engine Anaylzer

There were a couple of these engine analyzers for sale. Perhaps not too much call for them anymore. Or maybe they just eat up too much valuable garage space.


I love the look old the classic, round, analog automotive gauges. I resisted the urge to add to my small collection.


Old small engines and classic license plates. Alberta has recently allowed classic cars to wear period appropriate plates which is why a set is much more sought after than a single.

Chevrolet Bel Air

Despite a bit of snow early in the morning the parking always has some interesting rides. This Chevrolet Bel Air station wagon featured a 327cid V8 with a floor mounted four speed manual transmission.

1947 Dodge Special Deluxe

A well traveled Plodge owned by one of the vendors. It is a driver and has traveled all over western Canada and US with vintage stickers to prove it. Check out that roof rack! It had some very classic style winter tires on it too.

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

A 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo out in the white stuff.

1966 Beaumont Custom

Always a few cars and projects for sale in the parking lot too including this 1966 Beaumont Custom four door sedan. These were built in Canada but sold in a few other markets as well. This one has a 283cid V8 and Powerglide automatic.

1958 Chevrolet Yeoman wagon

How about a  1958 Chevrolet Yeoman station wagon that looked like it had just been pulled out of long term storage. This one had a $3500 asking price.

1941 Fargo classic pickup truck

A lovely and mildly hot rodded 1941 Fargo classic pickup truck. A version of Dodge sold in Canada and other markets. Unlike the Beaumont the overseas market Fargo pickups were generally built in US factories. This one had an asking price of $19k.

1976 Pontaic Acadian Owners manual covers

I did buy one thing this year and the cost was all of a dollar.  It is a 1976 Canadian market Pontiac Acadian owner’s manual. Inside it is identical to the Canadian market Chevette’s. Enerson Motors was a big Pontiac dealer in the late 60 and 70s here in Lethbridge, AB. Ironically this manual was printed in the USA.