Car Show Classics: Autotron April 2018 – European Classics And One Little Honda

I still got way too many 2018 pictures of neat classic rides stored on my laptop, long overdue for publication. Early April I visited the Autotron classic car show. Visitors driving a classic car can park their vehicle in the lot right behind the main building, whereas the merchandise is inside. As usual, the event was mainly a European affair.

And as usual, you can count on seeing multiple Benzes W114/115 and W123-series, these seem to keep on rolling till the end of days. But of course there were much more goodies…

See? 1974 Fiat X1/9.

1973 Volkswagen T2.

1976 DAF Volvo 66 DL. Mind you, the wagon.

Mercedes-Benz 240 D (W123-series), owned by a German visitor.

1968 Volvo 144.

1983 BMW 525i (E28-series).

1953 Volkswagen Beetle. No exterior options whatsoever, as far as I can tell, so DougD must love it.

1972 Rover 3500 (P6-series).

1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce.

1978 Volvo 264 TE Limousine by Swedish coachbuilder Nilsson (I assume).

1973 Fiat 500.

1975 Mercedes-Benz 280 automatic (W114-series).

1967 Volvo Amazon 122S.

1976 Peugeot 504 GL.

1977 Mercedes-Benz 280 CE (W123-series).

1957 Citroën Traction Avant Commerciale.

1969 Volvo Amazon.

1947 Wolseley Eight.

1977 Volkswagen Derby LS. Just look at that plush luxury!

1963 Rover 3 Litre (P5-series).

1977 BMW 316 (E21-series).

1977 Simca 1100 GLX.

Let’s go out with a bang, a 1985 Honda Jazz 1.2 Luxe Hondamatic.

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