Car Show Classics: Opel Kadett A to E – A Pictorial Overview Of All Generations

For a period of more than 25 years, starting in the mid-sixties, the Opel Kadett was the best selling car in the Netherlands. Affordable, uncomplicated (in every aspect) and solid. Yes, those Rüsselheimers certainly knew what we were looking for in a car. As an aside, the Kadett model name dates back to the thirties, but that’s not important right now.

All five post-war Kadett generations were present in the Autotron’s classic car parking lot, last November. The show’s focus was on the 120th anniversary of Opel car production, so as expected, many owners of a classic Opel showed up in their ride. Now then, let’s walk the Kadett-timeline.


1962 – 1965 Kadett A

1965 two-door sedan. The only engine available in the Kadett A was a 993 cc OHV four-cylinder, 40 or 48 DIN-hp.


1965 – 1973 Kadett B

1969 two-door sedan. The base engine of the B-series was a 1.1 liter OHV engine.

Another 1969 two-door sedan.

From a German visitor, a Kadett Super two-door wagon with a roof rack. Opel wagons were called Caravan.

1970 LS two-door Fließheck-Limousine, or fastback, if you wish. Mind you, not the same as the Kadett B coupe.


1973 – 1979 Kadett C

1979 City (the hatchback) Automatic.

1976 City Automatic 1200 S.

1978 Rallye 1.6 S coupe (CIH engine, 75 DIN-hp).

1977 GT/E coupe (1.9 liter CIH engine, Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, 105 DIN-hp). Yellow on black, that’s the first 1975 – 1977 series of the GT/E alright.

1976 coupe with an automatic transmission.

1978 four-door sedan.

1979 two-door wagon.

1979 1.2 four-door sedan.


1979 – 1984 Kadett D (the first front-wheel drive Opel)

1984 1.3 S Automatic hatchback in a wonderful condition (OHC engine, 75 DIN-hp).


1984 – 1993 Kadett E

1987 2.0 GSi (with Opel’s 20SEH engine, OHC, 129 DIN-hp).

Now let’s go out with a bang…

In 1988, this Kadett E left the factory as a 2.0 GSi 16v, maximum power output 156 DIN-hp.

But after a major, professional tuning job, 620 horses are in (turbo)charge now. The owner-operator of this savage beast: a friendly, well-spoken, 60+ gentleman.

More smaller and (much) bigger Opels in a next episode.