Car Show Classics: VW Camper Vans – Tops Popping In All Directions


The Waterford Pumpkinfest car show is held very late in the car show season. I try to attend if the weather cooperates, because the show has a large turnout with good variety of cars.


There are a number of vehicles from this year’s Pumpkinfest car show that I would like to post eventually. Because it is van week here at CC, here is a swarm of VW camper vans, seven of them in total!


Unfortunately, these are all the pictures I took of them. I had my kids in tow, and they didn’t find these especially interesting after the first two.


This is the only interior shot. Cozy!


However, I was just searching through some old photos on my PC and came across a set I shot from Waterford Pumpkinfest from back in 2002, including this picture of two more VW campers.