Car Show Outtake: 1973 DAF 33 Variomatic Van – Basic Trucking

Quite the contrast with the DAF commercial vehicles I usually post, this little DAF 33 van with an air-cooled 746 cc flat-twin engine. In 1967, the DAF Daffodil Type 32 was simply renamed 33. All Daffodils and the later 33 were merely evolutions of the Oer (Ur)-DAF, the 1959 model 600.

These vans sold well in my country. Ultra cheap and simple practicality, appreciated by both government agencies and privately owned companies. It followed the tried and true compact van-recipe of yore: a wide and tall cargo compartment right behind the car model’s B-pillar. In this case with a single rear cargo door.

I said cheap and simple, by no means it was fast, given is maximum power output of 29 DIN-hp. But bear in mind that anyone who ever bought an air-cooled DAF couldn’t care less about acceleration or speed. Not then, not now.

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