Car Show Outtake: 1976 Opel Commodore B Coupe GS/E – My CC Holy Grail From Rüsselsheim

After many years of roaming around all kinds of classic car shows and events, I finally met one in the metal. Or flesh, if you wish. I’m talking about my all time favorite classic Opel, the Commodore B Coupe with the GS package and fuel injected 2.8 liter engine. Even its color was just perfect.

The Commodore B -fully based on the Rekord D- was introduced in 1972, it was offered as a four-door sedan and two-door coupe. They were powered by an Opel CIH inline-six, displacement 2.5 or 2.8 liter.

The letter E stands for Einspritzung, injection. An electronic Bosch D-Jetronic system, in this case. With a maximum power output of 155 DIN-hp (initially 160), the GS/E was said to be good for a top speed of around 200 km/h (125 mph). Autobahn fähig for sure.

Featuring a live rear axle and disc brakes all around, internally ventilated at the front. Wheelbase 2,668 mm (105”), registered curb weight 1,246 kg (2,747 lbs).

This peppy Opel could boldly go where none of our much beloved Kadetts could go before. Or after.

For now, one Last Salute To The Commodore! How appropriate, Columbo happens to be my all time favorite classic TV show.

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