Car Show Outtake: Dodge Mowag B350 4×4 – One HelluVan Ambulance

A Dodge Mowag B350 4×4 (former) ambulance, now that was a special treat when visiting the recently held 2018 Classic Park American Day. So far the oddest of oddballs I encountered at such an event.

Mowag (Moparwagen Motorwagen-Fabrik), full name General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag GmbH, is a Swiss company that develops, designs and builds armored military vehicles.

Mowag dates back to the late forties and used to offer a whole range of emergency vehicles and civilian or military specialties for both on- and off-road use. Mowag was taken over by General Dynamics in 2003.

One of their emergency vehicles was the Mowag B-series, entirely based on the Dodge B-series of full-size vans. It was available as a fire truck and ambulance. The former ambulance I caught at the show was probably put into service in the early nineties and represents the second generation of the Dodge full-sizer.

According to this Swiss website (Achtung: in German) the 4×4 conversion was done by Pathfinder Vans from the US. Mowag imported the all-terrain Dodge Ram Vans into Switzerland and took care of the end product.

Here’s the front axle, front view.

Front axle, rear view.

The coachbuilder’s signature. The company from Bioggio, Switzerland, was founded in 1960.

The Mowag’s plate says it hails from the Leverkusen region in Germany. Surely the hospitals there can’t be that bad…

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