Car Show Outtake: It May Be The World’s Nicest Omni

At the recent Geneseo car show I ran across a rare bird indeed. How rare? How about a 1989 Dodge Omni with less than 30K on the clock? And get your wallets ready, L-body fanciers, because it’s for sale.

These things used to be everywhere. But until I saw this silver time capsule, the last time I’d seen one of these was at the local junkyard, about three months ago. One on the road? I honestly can’t remember. It has certainly been a while.

The interior was equally mint. You can click on the picture to read the For Sale sign better, but it says this car has only 29,600 miles on it. Wow.

I think the price is high enough to keep this car safe from someone buying it cheap and then destroying it. I really can’t blame the owner for pricing it as he or she did. I hope the new owner keeps it up, because these things have got to be rare in this kind of shape!