Car Show Outtake: Lovely Allard

This is going back a ways: I shot this Allard back in 2008. We saw a “civilian” Allard not too long ago, but I prefer my Allards in racing trim–and in BRG, of course…

We have a small but excellent British Car Show in the Village of East Davenport every August. While many of the show cars are MGBs, there is usually a fine selection of E-Types (XKEs to you Yanks), “big” Austin Healeys, and assorted MG, Jag and Rolls saloons. But that year, the Allard stole the show in my opinion.

Just wire wheels, mini-windscreens, a chrome step plate, and two close-coupled bucket seats here. Oh, and a big, powerful engine of course. (What kind? – Ed.) What a car!