Car Show Outtake: Twin Twingo

1993 and 1994 Renault Twingo - 1

In October 1992, so exactly 30 years ago, Renault unveiled their little monospace gem, called the Twingo. Small on the outside, yet with a spacious and practical interior. And it was low-priced, but also remarkably tough.

1993 and 1994 Renault Twingo - 2

1993 and 1994 Renault Twingo - 3

Lower picture: 1993 on the left (with the optional soft top), 1994 on the right. Alphabetically, the letters HB come before HX (see license plates), which indicates the Twingo on the left is a bit older. Dutch plates tell you something about the vehicle’s first date of registration in the Netherlands, nothing else.

The duo is powered by the old-school, 1,239 cc Cléon-Fonte engine with a maximum power output of 54 hp. Luckily, it’s in a 785 kg (1,731 lbs) lightweight-people mover. No worries, the Twingo does accelerate, in one way or another.

1993 and 1994 Renault Twingo - 4

The Twingo was born a classic. In hindsight, anyway. I’m sure that in many years from now, we can still enjoy its overwhelming simplicity and practicality, all combined with such a small footprint. Once again, Renault hit a home run in the world of small passenger cars.

The whole first gen Renault Twingo story, by Tatra87:

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