Car Show Outtakes: 1973 Opel Kadett B And 1970 Opel Rekord C – Two Beige Two-Door Sedans

Kadett, Ascona, Rekord, Commodore, Admiral, Diplomat. That was Opel’s sedan-ladder in the seventies, a variety unmatched by any other automaker on the European market. And then we’re not even talking about the numerous coupe and wagon variations.

The first step on the ladder was the Kadett. Simply said, the Kadett was Opel’s interpretation of a more modern Volkswagen Beetle. Affordable, basic transportation for the people. Hugely successful in my country for a long uninterrupted period of time.

This generation, the Kadett B, was introduced in 1965. The 1973 two-door sedan at the show is powered by Opel’s 1.1 liter OHV-engine.

There were no less than eight (!) different Kadett B bodies when counting in the number of doors. The two- and four-door sedans were the preferred choice.

For unknown reasons the Kadett Special was only available in Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Oh what an excessive luxury!

According to our eastern neighbors NL either stands for Nur Links (only driving on the left lane, preferably with an underpowered car towing a camper trailer, loaded with domestic potatoes, canned vegetables and deep-frozen homemade meatballs) or Nur Limonade (only a/one soft-drink…that’s pretty much all we spent when we were letting the good times roll on a vacation in their country).

Moving up the ladder now, skipping the Ascona. Here’s a splendid example of the Opel Rekord C, which was introduced in 1966.

A sedan with two or four doors, a wagon with three or five doors, a panel van, a coupe or a convertible (built by Karl Deutsch GmbH). What will your Rekord C pleasure be?

From 1967 onwards the Rekord always had a four-cylinder engine, in that year the Commodore (A) was the new model name for the upgraded Rekord with an inline-six engine.

From the days that the number on the trunk lid equaled the engine displacement. And that it was noteworthy to mention that the car had an automatic transmission, in this case a GM TH180.

And finally, there’s a man among us who can shed a light on these and can enlighten all of us.

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