Car Show Outtakes: Cruise of the Last Ride


Attention: If any reader (especially younger ones or those like me) has the fear towards skulls or skeletons, it’s recommended not to read this post on your own or skip all the photos with assistance, as the graphics can be frightening or disturbing. I still have the vivid memory of the fear towards those skeletons and it:

1) Prevents me from playing Nepal track in NFS2 SE as there are four skulls with red eyes in its menu ( skulls were replaced in this example )


2) I skipped my biology homework in the sections where human skeletons were present, and I stapled those pages together thus the teacher quite frustrated for that,

3) I aborted the learning of drawing as I couldn’t handle the stress of staring at the skulls right in front of me.

If the fear towards skulls is not present for those keep reading, feel free to see the photos attached.

Hearse cruise started at Gaylord, Michigan on May 23rd, 2015 this year. On 22nd, the hearses were shown in Gaylord downtown with registration and blessing. On Saturday, the cruise went from Gaylord to Traverse City, with stops at Mancelona and Kalkaska. As I only arrived late in Gaylord on Friday night with an oversleep on lazy Saturday, I missed the beginning of the show. It didn’t take me great effort to catch the big cruisers with vinyl roofs on the other hand, and I eventually saw them in downtown Kalkaska with few spotting on the early departure of several older models on the way. ( a mid ’60s Cadillac hearse on main street in Gaylord for example, and two more in Mancelona )


IMG_7640A hearse/ambulance from Pontiac, Mi catches some attention, and it looks quite distinctive among more formal looking hearses, and I saw it earlier on the side of US-24 in Waterford, Mi where many car nuts show up ( a Peugeot 505 SW showed up there several months ago, and a 505 sedan popped up last Friday.)


It’s one of the best kept hearses in this cruise. Many hearses used in rust belt have corrosion here and there and funeral houses tried their best to make them look presentable, and usually by the time it’s sold off, the rust would be far in its way.


Seat belts can provide the most fundamental and important protection to the drivers and passengers alike with no exception. IMG_7631

This Buick Roadmaster wears a front clip from sedan other than station wagons, which is slightly uncommon. IMG_7630And the trailer is made from a Buick Electra. I do remember seeing an Electra in the similar shade last year in Gaylord, I wonder if that one was cut into this? This 50% Buick is pulled by a 100% Buick.


Summer time in northern Michigan is enjoyable to anyone sitting on the chair enjoying the sunshine. IMG_7643


Cadillac hood ornament is temporarily replaced by a skull.



I recognize this person(?) sitting on the chair. Unlike possibly his/her younger sibling taking a ride on the front row in the Roadmaster this year, he/she remains sitting by a C-Body Cadillac.


A very nice dress up with little flags and white wall tires and it has a nice mist green. IMG_7635

The following three photos were taken last year in downtown Gaylord.


As I recall, it’s a new unit built by a coachbuilder with the intention of providing a classic looking with the necessary reliability of newer vehicles in a hearse. IMG_5097

Pet doggy stayed between presumably barking at the people walking by, and someone was enjoying his Coke on chair next to a C-Body Cadillac.


A distant participant in Fleetwood.