Car/Moto/Air Show Classics: 2019 Brampton-Caledon Airport Day – Hillman Super Minx Convertible And More…

Brampton-Caledon’s Airport Day on September 8 featured a car, motorcycle, and vintage aircraft show. The Great War Flying Museum located here put their replica WWI aircraft in the air for a three ring flying circus, so there was something for everyone. The majority of the several dozen cars were English, featuring the usual mix of MGs, Triumphs, Morgans, as well as a single Jaguar XKE. Pictured here is one car you won’t see at every show, the Hillman Super Minx convertible.

Roger Carr has thoroughly covered the Hillman Minx and even found a video as in this post.  The pictured car is probably a 1964 or 1965. Wiki indicates convertibles were made up until 1964, but also indicates that the 1725 cc engine was first used in 1965, demonstrating some of the issues involved with researching a 50-something year old vehicle line. It’s also possible the owner has installed the later engine in an earlier car, as he draws attention to the “1.7”.

I highly recommend this event to anyone in the area next year. In addition to the cars and aircraft, the Great War Flying Museum has excellent artifacts and displays, particularly of lesser known combatants such as the Austro-Hungarians, Italians and Turks (Ottoman Empire).

A few of my personal favourites follow.

A very lovely Mercedes Coupe…

And a Fiat (or perhaps a later Bertone-badged) X1/9.  I want this one!   I met the owner later, a stereotypical diminutive Italian, who claimed he had built the 1300 cc engine to a race-spec 120 hp. Perhaps a bit optimistic? It did have dual Webers.

This is the one I’d like to fly away with! Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann, 1930s-1960s! Primary trainer of the WWII Luftwaffe, also produced under license in Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Spain, and Japan. A single seat version was competitive in aerobatics until the 1960s. The pictured aircraft was built up to original plans from some salvaged Spanish parts by a gentleman from Toronto in his basement over 11 years.

This family arrived in style, all wearing colorful helmets.

And if it was all too much, these friendly folk were ready to come to your assistance.