Car Show: Behind the Wheel – Classic Sports Car Interiors

Just take a look at this relatively rare MG Y-Type four passenger tourer. Its interior is in the classic British sports car/tourer idiom. Let’s take a closer look, as well as the inviting cockpits of some other classic sports cars.



I can’t imagine driving this car without a huge smile on my face. Look at that interior, it so simple, yet there is something there that just looks fun. The leather, the real wood, these cars have character.

This Morgan looks more expensive, but follows the same formula. Simple functional, and classy.

Here is another early MG, a TD, which was developed from the Y Type at the top of the post.

A very classic and expensive Mercedes 300SL; German luxury, sports car style.

The Porsche 356 interior is much more basic. What more do you really need to have fun on a twisty road?

This Sunbeam Tiger has a Ford V8 under the hood, and a more modern but still British interior.

The interior of this Fiat 214 Spider looks like a pleasant place to spend the day.

While not the most inviting interior here, this Alfa Romeo looks like a serious tool for fast driving.

I love the simplicity of this Porsche 914 interior. This car just looks like it must be fun to drive.

Modern cars are safer, faster, and better in most ways, but for pure driving excitement, I’ll take something a little older.