Car Show: Best of Britain Swap Meet

I was surfing the web looking for something to do over the Labor Day Weekend and my Google search turned up a terrific automotive event. Portland International Raceway was holding a British Swap Meet and races. It’s a 20 minute drive from my house, and it only cost me 10 bucks!

It’s kind of hard to believe but this is the first time I’ve ever been to a car race in my life. For a 59 year old gear head that loves photography, I made up for lost time by taking over 1000 photos. It was one of those great days for taking car photos. The light was nice and the location was beautiful for the swap meet. There is something about weeping willows that always makes cars look classier.

While I am very comfortable with a camera, I’m neither an expert on British Automobiles, nor am I much of a writer. So I will present this collection without much commentary. Hopefully many of you viewers can provide some information and stories about these beautiful cars.

Part 1 will cover the Swap Meet and Part 2 will look at some of the race action.

Let’s start with some Mini’s and Morris’s. This place was thick with minis. There was a convertible mini attacking the autocross course, and I had never seen so many tiny pickup trucks. I would love to photograph one of those next to a modern full size truck.


This Morris Minor 1000 obviously shares many body parts with its pickup sibling. Were these ever common on U.S. streets? I had never seen one in person before.

This appears to be a Riley RMD. I guess the reason I’ve never seen one before is that they only made 502 of them between 1949 and 1951. These were powered by a 4 cylinder 100 HP inline 2.5L four.


When I think of British cars, my mind always summons up images of cars like like this Austin Healey 3000. I would be happy to drive any of these beautiful automobiles.

It’s easy to think of SUV’s as an American thing, but the large number of interesting Land Rovers at the Swap Meet reminded me we aren’t the only ones that make these things. It’s interesting how many people camp on top of these.

And finally the luxury makes. I didn’t notice any Grey Poupon Mustard nearby, but this Rolls looked right at home under the trees.

While not exactly luxurious, this racing Bentley was definitely unusual. I’m counting on you viewers to tell me what we are looking at here. A Facebook friend said it reminded her of the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” To me it looks like something Sotheby’s would be auctioning off to an anonymous billionaire on some collector car show or one of those ultra rare cars on the fairway at Pebble Beach. I know there can’t be many more like this.

Like any swap meet, there were parts and cars for sale. I didn’t buy anything, but I took a lot of pictures. Stay tuned for part 2 with road racing and autocross action photos.