Car Show Classics: 22nd Annual Orphan Car Show

This is the premier orphan car show in the nation, according to the organizers.

That means you won’t see rows of ’55-’57 Chevrolets.

What you WILL see are vehicles that are no longer manufactured (such as Studebaker), or brands no longer made (such as DeSoto).

Since Plymouth was the featured make this year, let’s start out with one, a beautiful 1934 Plymouth PE sedan


This 1946 Packard Clipper brings back memories for me.  My dad had a ’47 Clipper as the family car when I was a child.

1930 Packard Model 733. The owner doesn’t know how many miles are on the car.  The head has never been off the engine, and he drives it everywhere.

Not what you think it is at first glance!

This 1912 Overland was my favorite brass-era car at this year’s show.

Here’s a view of the instrument “panel” and the controls.

Two of the Kaisers at this year’s show.

DeSotos on their way to the reviewing stand.  The front one is a ’57 (Firesweep), the one behind is a ’60.

As much as I’ve read about these on CC, I never expected to see one in person!  This one’s a 1963 Panhard PL17 Break.

2 cylinders, air-cooled, front wheel drive, 4 speed on the column!

Another car that brings back memories for me.  This one’s a 1969 Checker Marathon.  I drove a ’65 to high school in the mid-70’s.

This is only a small part of the photographs I took on Sunday, September 16th.  My intention was to do a mix of things that both interest me, and that I know interest other CC readers.