Car Show Classics: Paris Retromobile

I was recently at the annual Retromobile show in Paris.  For those who have never been, it is one of the largest shows in Europe.

  • 550 exhibitors
  • 65,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space
  • 500 cars on show
  • Over 100 clubs in attendance
  • Circa 120,000 visitors

This year was quite special due to the weather conditions.  “Big” snow storm (12cm) basically paralysed the city and there were over 740km (450 miles) of traffic jams in the Paris region!  Flights were cancelled, trains were late and it was general chaos.  By the way, there are an estimated 15.5 million car “trips” per day on average in the Paris region.

The atmosphere at the show was very convivial even though every year it seems to become more and more “top end”.  The prices per square meter for exhibition floor space are the most expensive in Europe so only top vehicles are generally shown.  The organisers realise this and have added a pavilion with “affordable cars” under 25 000 Euro.  Here are some pictures to give you an idea.