Car Show: The Red Door Meet – Eclectic Car Show in Portland

At my last job, every Sunday night there was always a bunch of enthusiasts’ cars cruising up and down the street in front of my office. There was obviously some sort of semi organized event going on nearby, and since I was always working, I couldn’t see any of it.

I’m changing jobs this week, and found myself with a free Sunday night. I decided to see what all these crazy car guys were up to every Sunday night. It turns out I worked a block away from “The Red Door Meet” one of the largest weekly car meets in the country.

I have never seen anything quite like this. It was obviously organized, but there were no people visibly running this event, it just kind of moves along without direction. There are no “Red Door Officials.” No police, no official corporate sponsor. It just sort of runs itself.

This is simply, a very diverse group of people with one thing in common. They like things that move. It’s an event you can participate in with everything from a bicycle to a 10 wheeled army truck. It’s heavy on the imports, but there is everything here from new Ferraris to clapped out old junkers and  virtually everything in between. If you like cars and live in the NW, you should really spend a Sunday night at the “Red Door Meet.”

This custom VW Beetle was just one of the interesting cars at the “RDM” the night I attended.

The orange paint on this BMW really was that bright. The quality of the build was very impressive.


While imports were heavily represented, there was a large group of “Panther” fans present.

This slightly modified Monte Carlo SS looked great with those rims.

I love this Pontiac Fiero. Who would have thought these would make a good dune buggy?

Right hand drive Autozams are unusual even here in Portland.

This Firebird looks pretty cool all donked out.

This Datsun 1600 pickup was a well preserved daily driver.

I also put together this video of the event, to give you a better idea of it. Hope you like it.

I enjoyed my visit to the Red Door Meet. I saw an amazing assortment of cars, trucks, motorcycles and anything else with a motor and wheels. The mostly young and diverse crowd will erase any doubt that the younger generation is not interested in cars. No matter if you are an old fart like me or a kid, the ”Red Door Meet” is an event you will enjoy.