CC Capsule: 1940 LaSalle – Those Were The Days

(first posted 2/1/2012)      Although I’m too young to have been around for the LaSalle’s heyday, I’ve always had warm feelings for the marque, and I think I know why:

And you knew who you were then,
Girls were girls and men were men,
Mister we could use a man
Like Herbert Hoover again.

Didn’t need no welfare state,
Everybody pulled his weight.
Gee our old LaSalle ran great.
Those were the days.

Boy the way Glen Miller played
Songs that made the hit parade.
Guys like us we had it made,
Those were the days.

Yes, I realize those lyrics are two old throwbacks reminiscing about other old throwbacks, and this doesn’t need to get political.  But I think most CC readers can certainly identify with memories of what seemed like a comparatively simpler time, and we can certainly all identify with cars we miss from our past.  Archie Bunker was a lot of things, but deep down inside, I think he was a pretty sentimental guy.  Let’s look at a couple more shots of what his car might have looked like:

I can see why he misses his old ride!  I can also see why the tail light contained the fuel filler on Cadillacs from just a few years later, with it sticking up there on the left fender all by itself.

I’ve always liked that tall, skinny grille on Cadillacs and LaSalles of this era, and I also prefer the headlights being faired into the catwalk as opposed to being attached to the radiator surround on earlier LaSalles.

As best I can tell, this headlight position was a one year only ordeal for 1940, which also was the LaSalle’s last, despite being a good seller.

They don’t make ’em like this any more, as I’m sure Archie would be the first to tell you.  I wish I had more time to devote to this car, but I’m pressed for time and need a haircut.

(Thanks to Cohort member Davo for the great shots of this fine LaSalle!)