CC Capsule: 1968-72 GMC 2500 – Well-Amortized Truck Part Tooling

Is there any way to tell the model year of a 1967-72 GMC truck other than decoding the VIN? I’m not aware that GMC made any styling changes to this truck at any point during its run. Chevrolet at least had the common decency to change the grille nearly every year it made its identical truck so we could know its model year at a glance.

I know of but one tiny change, the addition of side-marker lights in 1968. This one has the lights, so we can rule out 1967 as its model year.

I found this truck at one of my favorite lunch spots and watering holes on the north side of Indianapolis. I see it on the road a lot, actually; this was the first time I found it parked. Props, of course, to its owner for driving it so much, and for leaving in original condition with all this great patina and wonderful signs of the use it’s gotten.

At least GMC got a lot of mileage out of its grille tooling. GM accountants had to be very happy.