CC Capsule: 1972 Barracuda Back In Action


This is my friend Jim’s 1972 Plymouth Barracuda. He’s owned it since 1978. It’s painted Hemi Orange, and he added the 1970-style “hockey stick” stripes with 340 callouts himself because he liked the look. And after sixteen years being out of action, it’s finally back on the street.


Under the hood, it’s actually got a 318 backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. As Jim puts it, “Everything on this car is manual!” It may get a 340 under the hood some day, but for now Jim is just happy that it’s back on the road.


The Barracuda has seen its share of bruises and repairs over the years. It had some bodywork and a repaint done in 1991. In 1997 Jim was in the process of removing the drivetrain to freshen-up the engine and discovered a rotted-out section of the rear frame. Disgruntled, he took a break from the project, and never got back to it.


This spring I helped Jim take his car to a restoration shop. They repaired the frame, reinstalled the drivetrain, did some underhood clean-up and fixed-up the fuel and brake systems, which had deteriorated from sitting for 15 years.


Last weekend I gave him a lift over to the shop to pick up his car. Here he is covering-up the 1997 registration sticker with the new 2013 one. He’s really happy to be able to drive it again.