CC Capsule: 1972 Volvo 1800E – Got Fins?

So what do we have here? Why, it’s a classic Volvo 1800E, the original “souped-down Ferrari”, as Volvo called it. This is an especially rare ’72 version, last year for the coupe. Let’s celebrate Michael Freeman’s ‘new’ Volvo with another classic Swede.

The styling of these cars was pretty modern when they were introduced in the early ’60s, but ten years later, they were unintentionally retro, before retro was cool. The solution was a new roofline, which became the 1800ES, with its more modern shooting brake styling. The coupe lasted one more year, however, adding the ES’s new vertical black plastic grille and slotted steel wheels with chrome lug nuts and center caps. Only 1,865 coupes were produced in swan-song 1972. Like the ES, it used the tried and true B20F four cylinder, producing 120hp in American market versions.

Thanks are due to runningonfumes, who found this neat old Volvo and posted it to the Cohort. If you haven’t checked out the Cohort lately, there’s no time like the present!