CC Capsule: 1973 Lincoln Continental Coupe – 5000 Pounds Of Potential Energy

Lincoln 1-ed

A friend of mine named Meredith snapped these pictures for me of a Lincoln Continental parked on the street in Philadelphia.  I believe this is a 1973 Continental coupe; if I’m wrong, someone here will be able to tell me exactly what it is. What’s notable about this scene, besides the fact that the car is sporting Connecticut plates in Pennsylvania, is that this Lincoln is parked at the very top of a steep hill in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, and what’s keeping it there.

Lincoln 2-ed

Those who have been to the region may know that Manayunk is partly a working class town, but also a trendy place to live, full of high end shops, fine restaurants, art galleries and happening bars. When it was new, this Lincoln probably would have fit right in with the more well to do patrons, but nowadays this car is definitely a fish out of water, in this sea of narrow streets and small parking spaces. Then again, this classic Lincoln probably works with the hipster scene too.

Lincoln 3-ed

Also notable about Manayunk is its hills; it’s an old mill town wedged into the side of the narrow Schuylkill River valley. Many of the side streets head straight up the steep hill from the River. At the top of one of these steep hills sits the 5,000 plus pounds of potential energy that you see here, topped off with chrome battering rams on both ends.  Preventing all of that mass from becoming kinetic energy are two little chunks of  schist (abundant local rock), and hopefully a working parking brake.

Lincoln 4-ed

The glare made getting a good interior shot tough, but we can see acres of white leather split bench comfort in there looking actually somewhat restrained compared to the pillow top excess that would soon follow. This one also may just have the base interior; admittedly, I’m not up on my 70’s Lincoln trim packages. I’ll leave that for the comments. Judging by its condition, this car did not spend much of its life outside, and didn’t do much driving in the winters in Connecticut, or here in Philly. Given the open headlight doors, one gets the impression that it hasn’t run much lately either, a claim that is verified by Meredith’s assessment that the car is always there every time she walks the dog.

Anyhow, here’s hoping that those wheel chocks hold, and that its owners manage to keep it on the road, or at least find a nice garage for it.