CC Capsule: 1978 Pontiac Bonneville: When A CC Meets A CC…

bonneville2 (800x543)

(Most everyone here on CC knows about my love for the 1977-81 Pontiac Bonneville, so you can imagine my reaction when Junqueboi recently emailed me this lovely find. May I present JB’s second CC post for your enjoyment! Tom Klockau)

I hadn’t driven my blue ’73 Pontiac in a while, and decided to head into Roxboro yesterday morning for a little BK fix.  As I was exiting the parking lot, I spotted a very clean ’77-’79 Bonneville headed down the main boulevard of the town.  I don’t usually chase folks down, but this was a rare sighting and I know some guy on CC (ED: Who’d that be?) happens to really like these cars–they are definitely my favorite ’77-’79 B-body car.  For once I picked the right car to drive and it would be a waste to not pursue this opportunity.

bonneville1 (800x547)

The Bonneville turned into a Family Dollar-type store and I pulled up next to him.  I could tell he was a little puzzled at my waving and thumbs-up, but I could tell his guard went down as his eyes scanned my older version of his car.  I should have taken a shot of both cars, as the odds of two Bonneville coupes of this vintage meeting up are quite slim.

The owner, an older gentleman named George, was obviously dressed for morning worship and had no time to dilly-dally, but was very nice and allowed me to grab a couple of shots of his car while he ran inside for something.  In our short conversation, he affirmed my guess that it was a ’78 model, adding that he bought it fifteen years ago and had replaced the sluggish 301 engine with a 400 4-barrel unit out of a ’75 Grand Ville not long afterward.  He smiled as he said how much better the car runs now: I bet it does!

download (800x554)Please excuse my thumb, it just had to pose with this Bonneville!

A very nicely executed dual exhaust was fitted with stock-appearing pipes and quiet mufflers, indicating that all the work done was first-rate.  The car had a near-perfect maroon velour interior (although I didn’t get a shot or a good look at it, which is odd for me).  Maybe I’ll get to see it again one day when I can get some better shots of it…preferably without my thumb interfering!

8418019435_fb65db5f71_b (800x552)

I was flattered that he complimented my car (’73 Bonneville hardtop, but I’m sure you’ve already ID’d it) and asked if he could take a couple pics of it while I was taking shots of his.  He was dressed very nicely and I almost wanted to get a shot of him with his car, but that would have probably bordered on the weird. You meet the nicest people when you’re driving a CC!