CC Capsule: 1996-98 Buick Skylark – Bye Bye Birdy

This afternoon I stopped to get a pizza and stumbled upon this late-model Skylark. This generation of Skylark was introduced for the 1992 model year and it sported…controversial styling, shall we say?

Note: Updated with more info and pictures.

The ’92 Skylarks (above) had a very beak-like prow, and a continuous loop of trim that ran above the rear wheel wells. It was clearly trying to look like the 1990 Buick Bolero concept car, but it was one of those love it or hate it designs, much like this morning’s Seville duel. I have to admit I kind of like these, especially the GS.

Skylarks were available as a sedan or coupe in Custom, Limited and GS versions. The GS had a standard 160 hp 3300 V6, while the Custom and Limited made do with the 2.3L Quad OHC engine with 120 hp.

The instrument panel was just as unique as the exterior.

Buick finally softened the styling for 1996, and the resulting car was much more palatable. It didn’t last though and the Skylark was discontinued after ’98. I personally like the face-lifted version, but I never saw many of them, even when they were new. This one looks to be in good shape, and the owner obviously takes care of it, as the car was in the ‘back 40’ of the parking lot. Photos taken and pizza retrieved, I went on my way.