Design History: Broughamtastic Benzes


(first posted 5/27/2015)    It may be said, rather unfairly perhaps, that CC has – in the past – placed Mercedes-Benz on a bit of a pedestal. Well, it’s time for the truth to out. What follows is a series of genuine (yes, seriously) concepts from the annals of MB history that show the profound influence from across the sea.

First up is this very Lincoln-esque hidden headlight treatment with a touch of 67 Grand Prix in the turn signals. That beak is very Bunkie.

fuselage W116

Apparently someone from Mercedes-Benz attended a Detroit dinner party and came away with news of Chryco’s loop bumpers.


Would sir or madam like a halo roof with their coupé? Available in leather or MB-Tex.


Of course! A colonnade W126 S-class! Why didn’t they actually produce this?


The bad news on these 600-based Mercaminos; the red one was actually built.


Detroit’s influence can actually be traced back all the way to the 1950s. When a diffusion range was planned for the 300SL, this Breezeway variant came very close to production.


Maybe someone got a peek at the Dodge Firearrow concepts? Ok, so those were Ghia shapes and I’m probably clutching at straws…


…but here is Mercedes-Benz putting all the influences from all of Detroit’s late 1950s output into one car. All at the same time.

Like I said, these are genuine concepts. Paul Bracq produced most of the sketches but I think Friedrich Geiger did the 300SL and possibly Bruno Sacco on the Firearrow. I don’t know who came up with the colonnade.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind one of those loop bumper coupés.