CC Capsule: Corvair 95 Rampside: Destined for Drag Racing (Maybe)


Where I live in the boondocks of Northern Arizona, the dirt roads have no curbs, so we have what you might call Dirtside Classics. My friend Terry found one just a couple of weeks ago–this cute little Corvair pickup, which he towed out of someone’s back yard. “I felt like it was something I needed,” he says. He got it for $300, with a lawn mower thrown in. The mower is fully functional. The Corvair, not yet.


The wonderfully idiosyncratic load bed, accessible from either a side gate or rear gate, cannot have been cheap for GM to fabricate.


Terry plans to dump the air-cooled flat-six. (Note the four carbs; it’s a 140hp engine from a 1965-up Corsa/Monza.) He wants to install a Chevy V8, currently in a dirt-racer that he used to drive in Baja.


Here’s the dirt racer, with a tubular frame that Terry welded himself, and Pontiac body panels. He’ll transplant the engine and transmission straight into the center of the Corvair’s load bed. “I’ll make a wheel-stander out of it,” he predicts. “Like I did with my 1932 Model A, back in the 1960s.”


The Corvair’s interior is not so bad, although kids threw rocks at the windshield.


The gas tank is under the seat. If there was a spare wheel, it would nestle conveniently behind the seat.



Why is this man smiling? Maybe because his Corvair cost him almost nothing (so far). The tail-gate is missing, but that may be the least of his problems.

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