Car Show Capsule: 1988 Lincoln Town Car – Black Cherry Landau Sundae

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You know, it’s funny. I’ve done WAY more B-body posts on CC than Panthers, yet I wind up with a Panther. My Jaguar-esque Y2K Cartier is much more modern looking, but I also have an affection for the three-box Town Cars, despite JP Cavanaugh’s disdain for the ’80 Town Coupe his dad had. This black cherry one caught my eye at the Quad City Cruisers show back in August.

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By the mid-Eighties, the contrasting vinyl top or coach roof had largely given way to the color-keyed versions. But you could still mix and match colors when ordering your new Box Town Car, as this one shows. I am not 100% on the aftermarket wheels, but they do give the Townie a rather mean stance. I’d rather have the factory wire wheels or turbine alloys. And whitewalls, of course!

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And for you folks who do not particularly care for Panthers (Syke, I’m looking at you), never fear! I have a full set of pics of that lovely gray 1949 Cadillac Sedanet in the background of the photo above and intend a writeup soon. Here’s a sneak peak. No frickin’ resto mod horse hockey on this baby!

1980 Lincoln Continental-09

While the 1980 Continentals–the first of the Panther Lincolns–were rather severe in their 90-degree angularity, a 1985 refresh smoothed the lines–just a bit, as the three-box style was still quite evident.

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I think it improved the looks, and I think an ’85-’89 Town Coupe might well have looked less awkward than the rare ’80-’81 model. But would it have sold? With the lovely Mark VII available at the same time, I doubt it.

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Inside, towels covered the floating-pillow velour seating, unless Lincoln had some rare Bean Bag Luxury Group option package. What isn’t covered by towels looks quite well-preserved, though.

1987 Lincoln Town Car-04

Here’s a brochure pic to show you what’s under those covers. Quite comfy, I’m sure–though I’d rather have leather. Handling? Har har har! My 2000 model is probably like a W124 compared to these ’80s versions, but I love them all the same–marshmallow suspension and all.

1987 Lincoln-04

Actually, what I’d really like would be one in midnight blue with matching top with the turbine alloys! As American as a bacon cheeseburger, but so luxurious. In their own way, I think these were quite elegant in their day.

These 1985-89 Town Cars are getting scarce here in the heartland, except for the occasional ragged-out version. So seeing this one in fine shape made my day. Such a sharp color, too!

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